Who We Are

Chris Kanakaris is a San Diego certified fitness trainer with over 12 years of experience with resistance strength training, which serves as the foundation for the one-of-a-kind Change Total Fitness System.

Certified by the originator of Super Slow and educated in the philosophy of exercise by Nautilus inventor, Arthur Jones.  Chris has taken his talents as a fitness trainer and created this evolved and more efficient version of these time-proven methods of resistance training.

Recognized by members of the Poway City Council for excellence in results and remarkable client successes, Chris continues to place health and fitness as a main priority both professionally and personally. Hard work and dedication has earned Chris black belts in "Old" Kung Fu San Soo and Judo.  Chris' experience includes over 50,000 separate sessions with clients of his programs. He has personally trained members of the Gracie Jujitsu family.

Chris works personally with all of his clients to develop a program of total fitness that is right for their needs. From patient aftercare to injury prevention and weight loss to muscle toning, you and your personal trainer will work together to realize your fitness goals.

About the facility:

Enjoy the benefits of a climate controlled personal workout space. One-on-one personal training means you will never have to wait for machines or worry about crowded spaces. Chris' personal fitness library is available to every client and is a complete collection of the most sensible information on the benefits of resistance strength training.

Chris Kanakaris - San Diego Personal Trainer