Men's Fitness

Aside from the long-term health benefits of resistance strength, men will also enjoy the more defined and larger muscles without the labor of several days devoted to the gym. Men are genetically disposed to have larger muscles than women, but without proper training and diet the advantage is lost. The Change Fitness System is your path to reaching your body's muscular potential and increased health so you are around to enjoy it.

The benefits of strength training:

  • Prevent muscular breakdown
  • Increased muscular strength
  • Metabolism of fatty acids
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Longevity

Muscle Growth:

The electrical impulses ignited during muscular contraction stimulate the necessary proteins required for muscle maintenance. Strength training pushes muscles beyond their current potential during an overloading process and stimulates excessive proteins, which is the vital component necessary for muscle growth.

Cardio Training:

The heart and lungs cannot differentiate between different types of exercise. What these organs recognize is muscular exertion and the required amount of energy needed to produce these movements. While the aerobic results are equal, the high intensity muscular fatigue achieved during strength training has been scientifically proven to increase muscle memory and decrease the number of workouts needed for results. The translation is simple: One or two days of high intensity muscular effort through strength training yields better results than a cardio-focused workout routine more days a week.

Sports Training:

Perfect practice makes perfect performance. Increasing your skill in any sport requires hours of practice, but practicing without the benefits of increased strength can increase the time takes to improve any one skill, if improvement is ever attained. Adding one or two days a week of resistance strength training, at 40 minutes a day, can target growth in specific muscle groups, which can increase your skill potential within a matter of weeks.

The Change Fitness System has a unique program developed for golfers. Targeting specific muscles used to grip and swing a golf club has been proven to add another 50 yards to a client's swing potential. The direction of the ball and the location of the landing is still up to each individual and the hours they devote to practice, but with the added benefits of more responsive muscle groups, those skills will be easier to hone at a more efficient rate.