The Change Fitness System

So many successful professionals are the very best at what they do for a living but still struggle to achieve their health and fitness goals because...their strategy is not aligned with their goals.

At The Change Fitness, we focus on identifying the specific needs and goals of each client and aligning those goals with a customized workout routine.

Our Clients:

Our clients include busy professionals (such as chiropractors, surgeons, nurses, executives, massage therapists, etc.), stay home moms, avid golfers, and professional athletes.  The age groups have ranged from teenagers (12 years) to seniors (102 years).  Although our clients have different backgrounds, professions and fitness goals, they all have a few things in common. 

They want to:

* Improve their health and prevent diateary related conditions and diseases such as Metabolic Syndrome, Type II Diabetes, Vascular Disease, Neurapathy, High Blood Pressure, Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disease, and joint pain, 

* Increase their strength, flexibility and mobility,  

* Tone and sculpt their bodies,

* Target specific muscle groups that affect their golf game (swing, range of motion, driving distance)

* Strengthen, stretch and realign their postures to reduce their chronic pain

Our Competitive Advantage:

What are the advantages of choosing The Change Fitness over other fitness gyms & trainers?

* Never pay a gym membership fee,

* Never pay an application fee,

* Take advantage of affordable rates, 

* Receive private one-on-one customized training,

* Have the option to workout privately or with their spouse/partner if they prefer the additional encouragement and support,

* Have the option to elect individual workout sessions or choose from a variety of workout packages at discounted rates,

* Are supervised and coached by an experienced certified fitness trainer and posture therapist  (Superslow Guild Certified, REPS Certified, and Posture Alignment Certified), 

* Have access to a variety of unique programs such as cardio training, strength training, flexibility training, and posture alignment therapy to meet their individual needs,

* Use state-of-the-art equipment in excellent condition that is cleaned before every workout,

* Workout in a fresh smelling, clean, climate controlled environment withamenities to make their workouts comfortable,

* Have convenient access to changing/restroom, elevators, & close parking

* Receive an introductory packet that includes health, fitness and nutritional resources as well as access to a large library of additional resources

Our Services:

Every client of The Change Fitness studio receives private training in a professional, clean and climate controlled environment where the trainer will create a customized workout strategy tailored to the Clients' individual needs and goals.

The client will be coached through each phase of the wokrout to include cardio training, weight training, and flexibility training.  Depending on the Clients' needs, posture alignment therapy is also available to help realign their posture and relieve pain.  As our business continues to grow, we will be expanding our services to include message therapy.

Cardio Training:

The workout begins with a cardio warm-up on the recumbent bike, stair stepper, or ellipticle equipment. Raising the metabolic rate and increasing blood flow to muscles has proven to increase muscle strength and cardio-pulmonary endurance.

Weights Training:

After the cardio warm-up, the trainer will transition the client to the weight training equipment which includes a circuit of 5 to 7 exercises done in a safe, controlled and supervised manner.  The equipment is set up for the client before the session to accommodate their personal settings and weight limits and to minimize the transition time during the session.

Flexibility Training:

The last phase of the workout includes flexibility training utilizing a unique piece of equipment that allows the body to reach maximum flexibility in a minimal amount of time.  This part of the workout allows the client to stretch in a relaxing way to cool down after an intense workout. 

Posture Alignment Therapy:

As a preventive measure or as chronic pain flares up, our clients can choose to add posture therapy to their workout plan.  This method is the leading non-medical standard in pain relief.  It realigns the posture to reduce friction on joints and relieves muscle and joint pain.

Nutritional Resources:

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand.  At The Change FItness, we support the total health transformation by providing our clients' access to cutting edge nutritional resources as well as access to our large library of health fitness and additional nutritional resources.  

Massage Therapy:

This is a new service coming soon.

Call “The Change Fitness” today at (858) 382-4517 for more information or to schedule an introductory appointment with our 
certified trainers.

The Change Fitness System

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