Exercise program as a 101-year-old Poway woman feeling fit.

By Pat Kumpan

Bernice Clare Rosenkranz, better known as "BC" to family and friends, defends the principle "no one is too old to exercise." At 101, "BC" has been sticking to a regular fitness regime with trainer Chris Kanakaris of Above the Rest Fitness in Poway. Kanakaris has a home-based fitness center that suits clients such as Rosenkranz, he said.

Rosenkranz who originally bails from Washington, Kan., but moved to Rancho Bernardo when she was 80, began accompanying her daughter, Clare Sig, to once-a-week sessions at Kanakaris' facility about five years ago.

Together, the duo has faithfully attended sessions with the Poway trainer, which helps increase their fitness as well as the existing bond between mother and daughter.

"I can do things now that I couldn't do before," Rosenkranz said. "I've noticed mobility, strength and stamina." Apprehensive in the beginning about making such a commitment, Rosenkranz said that she can now see tangible results. "And she shows no signs of slowing down or getting bored with the routine, "Sig Said. "it's amazing what a 30-minute workout once a week can do."

The only way to counteract the loss of muscle mass and prevent the effects of aging is strength training, Kanakaris said. Everything during the workout sessions is "slow motion," which helps isolate muscles in such a way that they reach maximum fatigue in less time than traditional methods, he added.

"Chris is very understanding and patient, yet he is determined to push me to my limit, "Rosenkranz said. "How many people my age can say they are getting stronger?"

Kanakaris said that the 30-minute workout is not just for 100-year-olds, but others as well. "I wouldn't do without it," Rosenkranz said.

When Sig suggests on some workout days that slpeeping in, thus skipping a session, might be an option, Rosenkranz responds, "We'd better get up and go".

"Just lifting her leg over one of the low bars on the fitness equipment was a chore in the beginning, but now that move, along with raising her arms, has become easier," she added.

Kanakaris has Rosenkranz alternate between "the sprinter," which is a bicycle-type apparatus that provides cardiovascular, as well as strengthening benefits, especially for lower body muscles, and a weight-lifting machine, which operates by pulling handles - and improves upper body strength.

"I design the workout to fit my client's ability and fitness goals," he said. "So far, 'BC' is meeting those goals and walks away feeling good about her progress."

Rosenkranz sums up the sessions by simply saying, "It's a workout, but I love it."

Kanakaris can be reached at 858-842-1130, or by email at ckanakaris@hotmail.com

Dianne Jacob
Supervisor, Second District
San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Dear Mr. Kanakaris,

Congratulations on being featured in the Poway News Chieftain for your hard work as a trainer! It was exciting to read about your outstanding work with "BC." Your service and contributions to the community is greatly appreciated.

Again, congratulations and best wishes for continued success.

Warmest Regards,
Dianne Jacob
Supervisor, Second District


This is the first work-out program I eagerly look forward to. I love the intensity, total body, safety, and efficiency. The strengthening has been obvious and has helped my other sports and exercises. I recommend this to everyone.

Dan Einhorn, age 61, Physician, President of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, Medical Director of the Scripps Whittier Diabetis Institute and Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSD

I definitely feel difference in balance with stronger legs. It's been very helpful in preventing serious falls which I've experienced in the past. Mobility is so important as we age and hit or miss workouts aren't enough to keep the body flexible and limber.

Joyce Bruun, age 78, Home-maker / artist

This type of strength training more than any other, has given me more energy. I do not feel it will injure me, I am exhilarated for handling life and do not feel as if I'm slowing down with age. Strength has improved and I'm able to maintain good health. This adds to a sense of well being. Who doesn't want that?! The credit goes to Chris Kanakaris. He is an excellent personal trainer!

Susan Cine, age 66, retired

As a senior citizen and a person who always disliked exercise, I had doubts that any workout would be beneficial at my age. When I started working with Chris, my strength and muscle formation was at an all time low. Over-weight and out of shape, I reluctantly signed on to give Chris, and his approach to better health, a try. Not only does Chris share his expertise on muscle strengthening, but he is always willing to educate and pass on his understanding and philosophy on good nutrition. His library is filled with books and articles on what and what not to eat, and he is willing to share these books to interested parties. Results speak for themselves. Although I will never look like I did when I was 20 (who will), I now have more strength than ever before. I've lost weight and have a waist line for the first time in many years. I'm frequently asked how I manage to look younger than my years and my response is that I come from a good gene pool and I work with Chris Kanakaris from Above the Rest. Indeed he is!!

Mary Dixon,  age 62, RN , Clinical Study Manager

They have made my golf game a little better. I can hit the ball much further now. In recent home density tests, it has increased the bone density in my hips.

Jan Delair, age 63, retired

We've worked thru several exercises or machines that didn't work for my body (to hard on my knees) + I like what we're doing. I like how we change the order sometimes how we change or add new exercises. I think Chris is a great coach - gentle, but gets the most out of me. I feel my workouts have helped me to maintain a nice shape even though menopause has reared its ugly head. My clothes fit great and my confidence is good. It's the perfect exercise program for me to have. I also feel I am less prone to injuring myself (i.e. Upper back, neck, shoulders) since I'm stronger.

Dory Kafoure, age 58, Speech Pathologist

I've been strength training with Chris at Above the Rest Fitness for almost 2 years. My original goal was to become stronger and firm up a bit. Since I work long hours as a travel agent and don't have much free time, I was looking for an efficient and safe method of working out that didn't require hours at a gym. With a 20 minute workout 1-2 times a week, I have more than met my goals. I am much stronger, well muscled, and very lean. I have lost and kept off almost 20 pounds and have never felt better. I love the convenience of having such a quality studio and trainer in Poway. Thanks Chris!

Rebecca Aukland, travel agent

Thanks to Chris and his program, my strength and overall flexibility have improved tremendously.

Dr. Scott Mubarak, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery for Children's Hospital

After one posture therapy treatment with Chris my chronic lower backpain was 80% better.  In the past, I required multiple chorpractice visits to achieve the same results.

            Wayne Kanakaris, Commercial Real Estate Owner

I was so impressed with the results I got when using the neck machine (at The Change Fitness), that I bought one to use for my own clients in my chiropractice practice.

            Dan K, Chiropractor

Thank you for your time Chris. My three son's really enjoyed your workout. 

Roiron Gracie, Grand Master, Head of Gracie Family Jujitzu, Founder of The Ultimate Fighting Championship



I am a San Diego resident and mother of two young active boys which leaves little time to focus on myself and getting into shape.

My fitness trainer Chris Kanakaris, from the Poway studio designed a customized workout that allowed me to get in shape while working around a pre-existing injury and extremely busy schedule. We began by identifying what I wanted to achieve from our sessions. I wanted to tone and define my arm and leg muscles reduce inches and clothes sizes, and improve my overall self-image.

We met twice a week for 20 minutes each workout and the results are unbelievable. I have experienced a noticeable difference in my overall strength and energy level which has allowed me to spend more time playing with my kids and getting involved in their activities. I have lost 25 pounds (5 clothes sizes) and can now get into my favorite clothes. For the first time in 10 years, I have a much higher level of self-confidence in my appearance and am actually looking forward to bikini season this summer.

I've had my share of traditional gym workouts that take an hour or more and are often an unpleasant self-conscious experience. The trainers at The Change Fitness use a well-developed technique that is backed by fitness industry experts and proven research showing its effectiveness. I really enjoy my workouts because they are quick, energizing, and flexible with my schedule. The sessions are private which eliminates the embarrassing feeling at a public gym. And, there is no need to dress up or feel self-conscious.

Dear Chris (Personal Trainer & Owner of The Change Fitness).

A year and a half ago, my endocrinologist said I was borderline diabetic, my numbers (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) were bad and going in the wrong direction, and CT scans revealed I had osteoporosis in my lower back. I was seeing him every six months and the news seemed like it became bleaker with each visit.

Two weeks ago he said my health was excellent, my numbers are great, and I only have to see him once a year now. He was so impressed he asked for your information so he could schedule a session for himself!

For several years before I started with you I had a muscle wasting problem in my lower extremities and was told not to exercise so strenuously. As a result, if you recall when we started, I looked like a pumpkin with four protruding toothpicks. My arms and legs were literally skin and bones. I was so weak that during our first session I could barely press 65 lbs. with my legs. Now I'm pressing 420 lbs. My bicep curls have gone from 15 to 55 lbs. And all my weights have increased in similar ratios. I continue to feel great. The most impressive changes, however; have been in my overall health, including reversing the osteoporosis in my lower back. My bone density and spine are in perfect shape.

Not only am I fit, I am also healthy. HDL, LDL and triglycerides are all main stream. My cardio vascular system is noticeably healthier and my body shape has improved dramatically. At least once a week now, someone asks me what I do to keep in shape or they comment on how good I look or how healthy I look. My most impressive, however, are the comments I get from my doctors. Skeptical at first, they have become true believers. So thanks again. We particularly appreciate your efforts. The precise way you work with us, combined with the caring and sensitivity you continuously demonstrate, are as much responsible for our successes and satisfaction as anything we've done.

Martha and I will continue with you as part of our lifestyles for as long as we live. We believe this workout regimen has done wonders for us both, not only in terms of fitness, muscular development and strength, but in overall health.

I know you probably hear this kind of feedback a lot, but we just wanted to thank you in writing for your diligence, professionalism and commitment to our health and well being.

We very much appreciate all you've done for us and especially the new fit and healthy lifestyle you have given us. I will continue to refer my friends and family to you as I feel strongly that this is the winning way to health and fitness.

Dick Lyles

Dick Lyles is the best-selling author of Winning Habits - 4 Secrets that Will Change the Rest of Your Life & Winning Ways - 4 Secrets Getting Greater Results by Working with People. He is the former President and Chief Operating Officer of the Ken Blanchard Companies and current CEO for Origin Entertainment. Dick Lyles specializes in turning around fortune 500 companies through his Winning Ways and Winning Habits techniques. Now he shares how he made a dramatic Turnaround in health & fitness by focusing on a new winning strategy... The Change Fitness.