Women's Fitness

The Change Fitness Total Fitness System is a woman's best weapon in her lifelong struggle against decreasing muscle mass and increasing body fate ratios.

Factors that contribute to increased body fat:

  • Aging and changes in hormones
  • Pregnancy
  • Too many dietary calories
  • Poor eating habits
  • Overstress
  • Decreasing muscle mass

As often as women try, they cannot fight the aging process, but all other factors on this list can be directly addressed through the Change sensible strength training system. You and your personal trainer will develop a plan to target key problem areas, set up a system of accountability to your body and discuss a proper diet that addresses your new body's caloric needs.

Strength training pushes target muscle groups, primarily those around the hips and thighs for women, to fatigue. This process of fatigue, one or two times a week, has proven to be the most efficient method in stimulating the necessary proteins for muscle growth. Increasing muscle strength in fatty areas sets those groups to burn fat, decreasing the appearance of dimples from cellulite and increasing your body's overall metabolic rate.

Undisputable fact: Muscles burn calories.

Muscle mass and metabolic rate are directly proportional. Increasing muscle mass increases metabolic rate and the loss of muscle decreases metabolic rate. Lower metabolic rates burn less calories; higher rates burn more. The concept is simple, but the question remains:

How does a woman increase muscle mass without spending hours upon hours at the gym?

The answer is sensible strength training that increases target muscle mass and a diet that eliminates unhealthy calories.

Proven results from increased muscle mass:

  • Ridding thighs and hips of excessive fatty tissue
  • Tightening of targeted/flabby muscle groups
  • Smoothing of dimpled backsides
  • Eating more!

When women diet, they often limit the number of total calories they take in, disregarding the types of calories or their body's need for essential vitamins and minerals. This kind of diet often decreases body fat, but also decreases muscle mass through an unhealthy process of starvation.

Muscles have a vast capillary system and are 20 times more metabolically active than fat. Switching out one type of tissue for the other causes an increased appetite and a need for more calories. But the kinds of calories you feed your newly toned muscles is as important as what you do to develop those muscles.

Clients who participate in the Change Total Fitness System can also choose to receive dietary coaching. The Natural Diet is a natural compliment to strength training in that it feeds growing muscles the right types of foods and eliminates the wrong, or fat producing, foods.

Processed foods have been scientifically proven to be the heaviest in sugar calories. The Natural Diet eliminates processed foods and allows for an increased intake of all natural calories that are more easily digested by the body and more rapidly converted into proper nutrition for your newly developed muscles.

Change the way you look at your body. Change the way you feel. Change your life. Start your Change Total Fitness program today.